• About KMTX: Who, What, and Why

  • We all hear the news, whether we want to or not. You see the attacks and violence, and it hits home that this could happen to you. Stabbings at the mall, rape in the parking lot, road rage turned to brawl, shooters in schools, kids getting abducted, idiots punching people out as they run by on the sidewalk...This is life. It's scary, but we can help you to deal with it and survive.

  • Most Common Fears

    Gang Violence - School Shooting - Home Invasion - Mugging - Walking/Jogging at Night

    Sexual Assault - Domestic Abuse - Child Abduction - Road Rage - Terrorist Attack

  • At KMTX, you can learn how to deal with all of the above. We start by building a strong foundation of stance, strikes, hand/leg defenses, and body defense to. After the basics are in your muscle memory, we advance to situational attacks (on the ground, in a chair, car, hallway...), chokes, weapon use and disarming, and so on. Through this process, you will learn far more than just how to defend yourself.

  • Benefits of Training

    Defend Yourself - Protect Your Family - Gain Confidence - Relieve Stress - Improve Reaction Time

    Raise Fitness Level - Increase Agility - Mental Fortitude - Boost Awareness - Become a BAMF

  • Don't just take our word for it. Do your research. Compare different systems. Check into all the different organizations. I am very confident that you will find that Krav Maga is the BEST self defense system for it's ease of learning and simplicity in use. I am also very sure that you will discover that the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) founded by Imi Lichtenfeld (the creator of Krav Maga) is the first and absolute most honest source of Krav Maga. The current chairman of the organization is Avi Moyal and we invite you to learn more of his story.

  • The KMTX Team

    All of our instructors have been through a very rigorous, 160-hour instructor certification course with the IKMF. We are all kept up-to-date on curriculum and recertified every two years. Other certifications are an additional 40-80 course. We currently have 3 instructors that teach classes at the KMTX.

  • Miki Torgerson

    Owner and Lead Instructor; Ranked E1; Certified in teaching Civilians, Women, Children, Law Enforcement, Executive Protection, and Technical Shooting.

  • Marcus Torgerson

    Owner and Lead Instructor; Member of IKMF Global Instructor Team; Ranked E2; Certified in teaching Civilians, Children, Law Enforcement, Executive Protection, and Military.

  • Jobe O'Leary

    Instructor; Ranked E2; Certified in teaching Civilians, Law Enforcement, and Children.

  • Taylor Godbey - Mentor Instructor

    The man behind Untamed Movement is Taylor Godbey, a MovNat® certified trainer . His passion for fitness began early, when he grew up playing soccer and began studying Kung Fu San Soo in his twenties. He became part of the Instructor Team there and also assisted with their Self Defense program, which taught all ages and abilities including an adult special needs group once a week.

    As well as being a Mentor here at KMTX, he attends Parkour classes at Fugitive Fitness in Dallas, and is pursuing a certification in Nutritious Movement Restorative Exercise. When he's not doing those things - or running a healthcare analytics consulting firm in Las Colinas - he's usually planning another adventure somewhere...he and his family love to travel.

  • Michael Grady - Mentor Instructor

    Ranked P4; NRA Certified Pistol Instructor; Experienced Rifle (bolt action and AR platform) and Shotgun user. Become confident with your sidearm quickly with Michael Grady in just a few hours.

  • The IKMF Global Instructor Team

    The IKMF Global Instructor Team (GIT) are arguably the best Krav Maga practitioners in the world, averaging 25 years of Krav Maga experience each. They teach and certify their instructors first hand – from the source. What makes them different, is the passion they have for Krav Maga. Even more so the desire to see their instructors and students become the best Krav Maga practitioners they can be. They do it by:

    • Leading from the front – always striving to achieve excellence in their own abilities
    • Sharing their knowledge and wisdom – effective communicators and great teachers
    • Pushing the limits and beyond – tough drill instructors
    • Caring for their student – truly compassionate human beings

    They do this without compromising the high standards set by Imi. When it comes to saving lives, there are no compromises.