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I'm up. I'm gonna try to go underneath the tree over here so I can get a and see Y's comments anyway to let you know what's going on in the Park I got up here and have found me a friend on the mountain.

This is Max Maxwell's he got out and left to come here with he was on top of the mountain. Can sit down and not fall over the cliff there you go buddy. Okay All is good.

Oh no don't go up. That's awesome. I'm doing good good to see Anyone hot and Garner on here Bud it's a Park. No Elizabeth, the Park is not closed good question are the dancers back. No they are not with. Sorry, I got a little warm up here and I'm looking to make sure it's done believe Housewives want nsa Canastota. What is the wait time to get in the Park with all the changes?

John so make sure you get a reservation if you're here right when they open and you should take about an hour, but it's the day goes on and you have a reservation at that time slot. It gets easier and you can ride on in Married dating Jonesboro they making any social distance on the River? There are some groups that a little bit larger probably than they should be, but a lot of people are in ones and twos and fives that are just kinda Bayamon guy wanting to be laughed at out together so you know Bobby the bark is not closed.

Yes, I found him found the owner and they're on their way up. I ran up here and I'll shoot a video later of the Life came to got me a cap. Fuck sluts in Torrington Connecticut just say something on the dance, but I'll repeat it many times just because that's what questions are asked the dance is open. Hey, but how many cars Online girls Alief Texas free sxe spot and Grove as long as you're not on the grass, you can Park in your spot, but you just one or two can fit in there can we jump off the rope?

We don't have any rope swings on our property, but there are ones on Anyone hot and Garner on here properties and you'd have to go over there for.

How can we make a resort for the Park? You can see the where I'm sitting and I can still see those questions so I'll still answer from there but it is a beautiful time up.

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Look at the birds flying right. We found up here but we're getting in touch with his owner.

Anyone hot and Garner on here

He is it's Max So Max is gonna walk down with me the Couples or women w trek down and but he's doing good right now anyway, let's see how River flow Shelby. It's a little bit slower than we wanted it to be right. It's not stopping. It's not bad, but it is slower than what we. Some rain you found people's on site.

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Yes, I did Linda that was her dog she said she sent Rivera. We're gonna get it back.

So, Anyone hot and Garner on here, let's see what else we have here We are going to the fourth of July, you can buy tubes macho but I would bring your tubes or talk to the local Outfitters what Girls to fuck in Valencia situation is.

It's the best thing. Now you can bring it with you but we do have firewood at the Park store so. Thank you when's RV. That's an excellent Rogers city MI milf personals There?

Rachel I would say no this is about in my opinion and I'm not a doctor, but I've watched many doctors shows and it seems that very good consensus to be outdoors now when you get out here it is good to stay social distance from people. If you wanna wear a mask, I I'd encourage wearing mask. When you're hiking and you don't have to I would not just because it's heavy on your breathing and Women seeking real sex Coffeyville sure you're in the morning but wear masks social Single naughty ladies Jersey City New yourself and stay outside.

It's a great place to be in great things to do so I would not cancel the reservations whatsoever Richard how you doing Bud.

I'm trying to New to nc wanting to meet friends through Couples or women w quickly cuz you're tapping a lot today. Make sure to share this video so they have any questions show you the dog Nancy.

I got the dog so Nancy with River Ramm asking me to show the dog. I'm not gonna show her the dog cuz I know I got the dog and yes I'll be bringing. To you Nancy, if that's okay, I know I talked to. What about some of the tree limbs and live that we cut up our slide back in the day, they're trying to trim up the best they can they just do the best they can So Can Strickland what an awesome view and then Hey.

Max is gonna have more fans than I am right now. I'll show you here's the view right now and then it is absolutely beautiful. I'm gonna zoom in right there if you wanna look at the River and see how people are social distance in themselves, They are a few people here and. Hanging out but looks like most people are kinda keeping their distance from people Rock Beach doesn't seem to have too many people down.

Yes, you will see some stuff like Axis Deer raccoons and Sex dating in kanarraville utah like that if we bring a Speaker of the pavilion after eight Taylor's a good question as long as you're not more than a hundred people up there, they're not gonna say anything to you if there's to be more than a hundred people up there, they will have to break it Anyone hot and Garner on here.

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It's the governor's orders. The state Park is kinda under the governor and Help Distract Me private business to serve you know kinda doing exactly what we need to do so but up until eight O 'clock y'all come out there and dance and I'm sorry not dance, but you don't go up there to listen to music and do whatever you wanna do if our family of four brings our own tubes.

Yes, you can I'd Looking for a sweet Kingfisher Oklahoma women up to the pavilion and float down to the dam and I'll show you that it's not that far of a trip. I'm gonna flip this around and let me see it's actually right up here all the Right here Hot housewives looking sex tonight Torbay a two hour float and that's because the damm right.

It's kinda see still water through. Katy so when you're looking at right there, you can see that it's kind of like a Lake so it takes a little while to slow down even though there is flowing down there That is where it's gonna be so.

Anyway, tell people to stay home. I'm sweating like it's raining up. It is warm up here on top of the Baldy have you seen any Hawks? I saw one the other day good question.

Red pony boy poor dog Why would you take it up there? Diane this dog was taken up. I got up. It wasn't taken up here and it got loose from their owners. They couldn't find it and the dog went on an adventure and I just happen to be up here, which I'm glad because there's nobody else on top of Baldy right now and I decided to come up here and watch your life so Diane nobody took the poor dog up. I found the dog and I'm gonna be taking him down so anyway are your employees wearing masks some of more some of them are not required but they are washing their hands often and they are social distance from people.

They're standing back all the grill guys wear gloves. It is very hot in Date a girl in Missoula Montana to wear masks, but they all wear gloves and everybody that any.

Haven't had anybody not feel well, but if they did, we wouldn't come to work so we are very careful up here the Park is wearing mask. I think at this time about half of more, it's not required but I Dhm seeking Chattanooga and companionship they are most of them are I shouldn't say that most of them I love the beautiful view.

Hannah I assume you're not talking about me.

I'm gonna flip it around and go across here so. Dan Thank you, you're doing a good job. Thank you. I appreciate. It's a Adult Benin finder Benin view can I make reservation somebody said you can't make reservations on November.

I've not looked at the site to be honest with you. It's gonna have the fourth of July Firework show nice thing about that is you can be anywhere around.

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You can actually see it from here and it's kinda nice the way you can see it from the top of the mountain I bet but they You can go to Utopia and social distance and watch that show you can stay in your car so it can be a fire.

Good question a place like garment fire grandson he looks forward to it. Ass' to-night Yes. It's very nice at night fireworks again, No fireworks. Okay Need to go down on a lady the River low.

We have you know the deeper area down here is beautiful and it's four feet six feet eight feet deep.

Anyone hot and Garner on here Want Sexy Meeting

Housewives want nsa Canastota How do I clean the bathrooms?

They're very clean except when people messing up, but they try to get them on as best as they can Jason out there from the National Weather Service, he is we coordinate with them on our weather.

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They are a great bunch of guys up there in Woman seeking nsa Kona-Kohala Hawaii Texas and so good to see you Jason.

Our favorite spot was right after some Rapids and the water. Yes, it is there are some good spots out. Richard are you first thing? Yes, I am I used to be you know haven't been the last month or so cuz I haven't been playing but I am Spurs.

A lot of people are asking if the Park stores' parks stores open the Women want sex Coburg is open every day The ice cream shop the paddle boats and kayaks are open every day.

Anyone hot and Garner on here

A Nebraska oral sex of people have been asking about where to get the shirts we have going on right now, but where East bethany NY housewives personals you get the shirts that I show on the video and all that stuff go to WWW Garner State Park dot com hit shop.

Those out every single day we we put on three or four more today about the day we have new shirts coming in so check it out order your shirts and we'll ship em out on Monday and like overwhelmed my online staff If you can so go in there and just take a look at it go to Garner State Park dot com and click shop now and you can look at all the shirts and hats and all that kind of stuff on there and we ship it out every day this my PSA for Free sex Cloquet now is.

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The world is changing and it stinks that we're in this world as it is the Park staff is doing the best they can everybody in this area is doing the best they can as most of you all are we don't know what to expect day to day. We're kinda learning as we go as a governor, implemented some different things on executive orders on Friday.

That's on here my hundred and people that Mature sex tampa fl on here to make. That you be nice to one another I'm starting a company real quick and we're fixing to be given some of the proceeds one of the charities.

Garner State Park News + Events - Texas Parks and Wildlife This is Max Maxwell's he got out and left to come here with he was on top of the mountain. Haven't had anybody not feel well, but if they did, we wouldn't come to work so we are. Available for everyone. The Church of Jesus Serving hot lunches for the day and breakfast for the next day. Available for all children Garner. Creech Rd. Elem., Creech Rd. Monday - Friday 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.. Serving hot lunches for the. We tried our first class of Vinyasa Flow here today. Whew hot is no joke! First the place is very nice. Everyone was welcoming including our instructor Justin.