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    Krav Maga is the most effective system for ANYONE to learn how to defend themselves. 99.9% of the techniques start from a body's natural reaction...this makes it easy to learn and retain! You can get certified to teach ages 4-99, Law Enforcement, VIP, and Military. If you already have a club, adding Krav Maga to your services offered can open up a very untapped revenue stream. It's a known fact that martial arts dojos have a difficult time retaining students after a certain age or belt. How about all those parents just sitting and watching their kids? MMA and BJJ gyms appeal to a very specific audience, and you are very likely missing out on 75% of the population that is NOT plugged into training. 

    Why with the IKMF? The International Krav Maga Federatons leads the way in Krav Maga on an international level because of several things: we are the oldest Krav Maga organization, celebrating our 20-year anniversary in 2015; we are reputable and loyal; we take care of and support our instructors; we understand that Krav Maga is ever-evolving as new threats arise; and above all else, we are a FAMILY!

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