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  • Law Enforcement Officers and their Family* Train for FREE!!

    Krav Maga: Self Defense
    Untamed Movement: Natural Movement
    C3: Combat Conditioning
    Raven Defense TX: Firearm Training

  • Krav Maga is a flexible tool, and it can be modified to fit each departments rules and or regulations. When an Officer is presented with a problem - they must enforce the law and protect the civilians, whilst using a restrained amount of force. This is done with classifying violence into levels of threats: from the highest level (Firearms), through the moderate levels (knives and taser), and to the lower levels (Krav Maga empty-handed combat, pain compliance and voice control), Law Enforcement Organizations prefer to teach Krav Maga because it grants their officers four important elements:

    • The ability to operate under great stress.
    • Krav Maga allows the officer to continue operating even under extremely unusual and complicated situations.
    • Granting the officer tools for using force that allows them to complete their mission (arrest, escort, search and control) and go home at the end of their shift.
    • Training in a short period of time.
    * Uniforms not included
    **Spouse and Children only
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