• Fun for the Whole Family

  • KMTX is no longer just the only official training center for Krav Maga in Texas by the International Krav Maga Federation. We've become so much more over the past two years, working to become a place for complete fitness training, fun, and self defense while also being a community of neighbors, friends, and families looking to help one another and support those that protect and care for us on a daily basis. We are proud supporters of the Police Departments, Fire Departments, and EMT's that work around the clock to take care of our local Fort Worth & Saginaw community.

  • New Class Additions

    2018 is full of new classes for the whole family that just began this last year and have been added to our schedule. There's something for the whole family to participate in from kids ages 6 to adults that are 90 years old! These new classes include:

    • Untamed Movement - A class created to improve your range of motion, agility, balance, and speed. Learn to better use your body and improve coordination through safe, step-by-step agility classes and courses that allow for progression at all ages, abilities, and fitness levels.
    • Kids Self Defense - Kids build self esteem and confidence in themselves when they better know how to protect themselves and are given chances to learn, grow, and adapt to new situations. Our kids classes are adapted to every child's individual needs, physical, and emotional abilities with consideration to their age. They'll be able to learn confidence, follow directions during normal and stressful situations, and become more assertive in their decision making. This class also includes instruction on how to handle bullies, how to respond, and even escalate to physical self-defense techniques when necessary.
    • Raven Defense - Whether you're looking to become the proficient in handguns or rifles, or any other form of firearms, Raven Defense at KMTX can teach the basics as well as the nuances needed for basic self-defense with a firearm and qualifications at the professional level. At the end of every class you will leave with greater confidence and skill with your firearm of choice.

    Take a closer look at the new classes at KMTX!