• IKMF Crash Camp Day 1 Training

  • IKMF Crash Camp Day 1 Training: Check it Out!

    The first day started off with an anxious energy. Expert level instructors from around the world who have been waiting to train in excess of 24 hours. When instructors travel, it’s with a purpose. Down time doesn’t make sense.

    The warm up is a fun one. A follow the leader with a twist. It goes from one leading one to one leading four with everyone moving in multiple directions. With 20 people it’s realitively easy. Now double it. Near mayhem. What a great time. Mixed with a few pain+foul language drills and everyone is more than adequately warmed up.

    We break into our respective groups and we start working techniques from E2. Please pay attention to this next part….. THE BEGINNING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!!! What I’m talking about is the fact that the techniques we work in the P1-P4 level absolutely apply. We work problems that are variation of those levels. Imagine a P1 technique plus a P2 technique plus a P4 technique. That’s why the fundamentals are so important. It all applies.

    After a late lunch we come back to train the families section. I now have an outstanding tool to help with this. Be ready KMTX this is good stuff.

    As we are working families, we began working a problem that is a bit of a messy technique. Forward roll, staying on the ground, followed by a stop kick. Avi Moyal explains the technique, why it is in curriculum, and a freaking fantastic way to practice it that will illuminate all the Christmas light bulbs in everyone’s brain. I can’t wait to share it. It’s been a problem for me since I was a student. After today all will be crystal clear.

    At the end of training we are separated into three groups. A ring of death with two stick attackers, two knife attackers, and then two attackers with chairs. It begins sort of nice and quickly descends into mayhem with Tamir Gilad’s encouragement. By the time it is all done, no one is bleeding, a chair is broken, and everyone is smiles. That last one could have been just me.

    An overall great first day of training. Stay tuned for tomorrow. In the mean time, earned not given.

    Day 1 Training