• IKMF Crash Camp Days 3 and 4 Training

  • Days 3 and 4 TrainingThe last two days have been a whirlwind of training and bonding. Yesterday the first part of the day was spent exploring and training the Expert 2 level of curriculum. It was a great period of training that was a prime example of one solution for five problems. We tell you over and over again that we are more about principles for techniques than anything else….. If you don’t believe us in class and don’t believe this post then come to camp and see for yourself. It is awesome.

    The second half of the day the majority of the group had a “Field Trip”. For the 20th anniversary of the IKMF, it was arranged to tour the northern part of Israel along with visiting the kibbutz of one of the GIT. If you are curious about this part of the field trip, please ask in person. The strange serenity found in the kibbutz was surreal. Imagine your average backyard barbecue. Kids running and playing games, music playing in the background, and everyone mingling about. The only variation would be the 40ish people training a little Krav Maga. After we left the kibbutz the whole mess of us had a wonderful dinner at a local restaurant. It was a good thing they fed us too because most of the camp participants were either about to have a “Need a Snickers” moment or we were going to resort to cannabalism:) The food was an “Authentic Israeli dinner” according to GIT Megan Cohen Berkman. If this is accurate, then it was quite tasty. Lamb and chicken kababs and family style mediterranean food served with pita’s. My inner cannibal/diva shut up really quick.

    After dinner was a long bus ride home where I the pleasure of chatting with Tamir Gilad. Tamir is a GIT, head of testing, and Expert level 5. We talked the gamut of subjects from training in different countries, our amazing wives, jet lag when traveling, and all the way to chocolate and how it helps in training. By the end of the night I was completely spent. I was up long enough to wish my better half happy berfday, shower, and crash out.
    It was time well spent.

    days 3 and 4 trainingToday was more review of Expert 2 level curriculum. Knife, pistol, and garrot work in vehicles, defense against swinging chain, and working on the special kick, a.k.a. The Flying Dutchman (it’s on YouTube) I had the absolute pleasure of working with Joey Roetman and Martijn Bos from the Nederlands. Yes, I spelled Nederlands correctly. With Martijn it was vehicle work in a variety of scenarios involving threat and he was an absolute blast to work with. From the dry drill, role play, all the way to the attacks in the vehicles. It was great. We worked in two different vehicles. One Chevy Sonic/Ford Fiesta type and Avi Moyals SUV. I’d have to say that the garrot work overall was the best. After lunch we got into the families section. It was both frustrating and satisfying. Some techniques that I have been drilling one specific way, as long as my team is in agreement, are going to be added to KMTX. KMTX is about molding and creating warriors. Working with Paula Meyers from Minnesota was perfect. Paula and I went and tested at CIC and KIC together. We have familiarity when we train and can point out slight adjustments to make eachother better. This in turn makes all of you better and my goal is to make you better than me. After the review of the families section, Israel Tamir had a summary of the Combat Fighters course. The Combat Figters course is a five day training evolution that starts with one tool, boxing, and gives instructors a better method of teaching hand strike/ body movement techniques. From here it builds. Next is kick boxing, followed

    by wrestling, ground fighting, and then all combined plus the Krav Maga aspect. I worked with Jason Carrio, head of Hammerfist Krav Maga and director of IKMF Florida, with these sections. What did I learn? I’m not a boxer and I’m not a wrestler. I’m a brawler that has a Krav Maga drive. This means I need to sharpen my skills to make all of you better warriors. Be prepared, it’s coming.

    Days 3 and 4 Training

    After the training with Israel Tamir, the group got to work with Dan Oren. Dan is Expert 2, GIT, and the tactical shooting instructor for the IKMF. He was my training partner for a couple of days during the last camp. We had a great time working last time with the dirty fighting aspect of Krav Maga and had an all around awesome time training. However, if there was one word to sum up what kind of training Dan Oren does, it would be Tabata.

    I have a colorful two word phrase to express my immediate feelings toward Tabata. If you wish to know then ask me in person.

    After all the training was done we Kida’d out to get cleaned up, eat and get ready for the projects meeting. The project meeting gave everyone an idea on what is developing around the world and it is amazing. New curriculum is being developed to a couple of new sectors. Training courses being held throughout every region of the world. And even new and amazing partnerships with the IKMF coming into effect. Prepare to see that last one REALLY soon and prepare to be amazed.

    After the meeting I had the pleasure of chatting with Tim Alexander, EIT of the Far East region and soon to be Expert 3, about the progress of a project he is working on. He explained to me the amount of effort going into it and I was amazed. To take a step back I’ll tell you this… The IKMF will not jump into a problem with an immediate solution. As my instructor Bart Brooks told me, Krav Maga is where science meets experience. Tim is elbow deep in at least a two year endeavor to make a difference in lives and I’m stunned at how much energy and dedication he is directing at it. I won’t tell you what it is, but when it hits the globe (see? Massive scale) l have no doubt lives will be changed.

    The rest of the evening was spent cavorting with my fellow instructors Benny Klein (Germany), Jason Carrio (Florida), Eddie Gavin (Ireland), Laurent Mougeot (Director of Canada), and a few others I can’t remember because it’s too awesome to handle.

    Tomorrow continues training and review….. I can’t wait. Fingers crossed for good, hard, injury free training.

    Until tomorrow, be safe and train with purpose.


    Days 3 and 4 Training