• Krav Maga For Civilians

  • Krav Maga For Civilians: You Can Do It!

    Krav Maga was originally developed for the military sector. This is the reason why standard Krav Maga training is addressed to as "civilian". 

    Civilian Krav Maga training is practically divided into three sub-sectors: Civilian (adults), Women's Krav Maga, and Kid's Krav Maga.

    You can take Krav Maga a couple times a week and still the outcome is extremely effective. This is due to the fact that Krav Maga training is known for is how quickly and easily you learn the self defense techniques. Krav Maga training was built up and based upon natural responses and reflexes. You are not having to reconfigure your instincts; we just condition them a little to be effective defenses.  

  • Similarly to the belt system common in Martial arts, IKMF also manages a grading system. This is also divided to three main groups: Practitioner levels (or just "P" levels), Graduate levels ("G" levels), and Expert Levels ("E" levels). Individuals who train Krav Maga may advance in rank through IKMF's testing system as high up as they want in proportion to how much Krav Maga training time they have invested. G levels are usually veteran Krav Maga trainees and very often have also been qualified as instructors. Krav Maga Experts are few, as these are highly professional instructors who have dedicated their lives and career to Krav Maga training and instructing. 

    The Civilian Krav Maga training syllabus is compiled of 5 P levels and 5 G levels. Each element of the curriculum is based upon real life scenarios to defend against real life attacks. Every P or G level includes various self defense solutions and counterattacks that derive from such scenarios. Through Krav Maga training the student practices these scenarios according to their rank. As one advances in grading the scenarios upon which the syllabus is built become increasingly dangerous and complex, and self defense solutions are provided accordingly. IKMF places very important emphasize on updating the syllabus as often as needed so it is always contemporary and effective. In addition, IKMF offers extra curriculum qualifications for Krav Maga trainees such as seminars and short workshops that focus on specific defenses, techniques and much more. 

    Now that you know a bit more about IKMF and Civilian Krav Maga we welcome you to join our forever growing family and train Krav Maga.