• Krav Maga for Military

  • In 1948, when the state of Israel was born, David Ben Gurion decided to disband all the resistance organizations that were opposing the British Mandate and the local Arab population, and establish the new country's army – The Israeli Defense Force (IDF). It was only natural, that the head of melee training from one of the resistance organizations would be appointed and teach physical education and army melee. 

    That man was Imi Lichtenfeld. 

    Imi had to provide solutions for obstacles and difficulties that a soldier might face in the battle field, such as rope climbing with weight, landing safely from a high jump, taking down an enemy guard and using the rifle as a cold weapon (when you can't or would rather refrain from firing).

  • Krav Maga was originally developed for the military; therefore, it had to accommodate its needs: it had to be taught to anyone and in a short period. Because of this, the techniques and the way of teaching are an integral part of the system: they cannot be separated. A soldier is warrior, i.e. a tool to be used by a country for its protection, to preserve the well-being and normal way of life of its population and to protect the country's interests. 

    Another exclusive Krav Maga program, conducted only in Israel, is the Military Instructor Course, with the new add-on of the Warrior’s Quest. 

    This 10-day quest will take you on a 470 km journey to the locations where Israel fought long and hard for its survival. Participants of the quest will be led by GIT Israel Cohen with the guiding team of GIT Dan Oren, CIT Marcus Torgerson, and IKMF chairman and head instructor Avi Moyal.  

    During the course there will be unique training in regards to the self defense for an armed worrier: you will gain a variety of tactical skills from different Krav Maga sectors such as Law Enforcement, Military and VIP; you will learn how to use your rifle as a cold weapon; how to fight in pairs and in teams; and how to navigate in urban and open terrain. 

    Participants who successfully complete and pass this course are certified as Military Instructors with the IKMF. 

    We welcome you to contact us and inquire about additional training opportunities.