• OCR Training

  • With many of our instructors, students, friends, and neighbors in the Fort Worth area interested in obstacle course racing and the accomplishment of completing courses like the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, or the Warrior Dash, we at KMTX now offer you and your family Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) training.

    Obstacle course racing includes:

    • Sprints
    • Rope Climbing / Swinging / Traversing
    • Balance Beams
    • Monkey Bars
    • Tire Speed / Agility Runs
    • Indoor Fun / Outdoor Mud & Rugged Terrain
    • and More!

    This isn't a regular class but you can ask us about when it will be incorporated into the next class, get personalized training, and when the next OCR event will occur. 

    Ask us about our OCR Training