• Private Training

  • Private Training: Krav Maga, Fitness, Custom

  • Whether you are wanting private lessons in Krav Maga or want a personal trainer, we have what you need!

    Krav Maga Private Lessons:
    The regular class schedule doesn't fit your availablilty
    You want some 1-on-1 instruction
    You want to learn a specific set of defenses for travel
    Your family wants to learn home protection
    You want to be proficient with your sidearm
    LEO / Military specific techniques

  • Personal Training:
    You're not seeing results
    Don't like going to the gym
    Need structure or motivation in working out
    Ready for a new workout
    You have a condition or injury that makes working out difficult
    You're training for an event or sport

    $80 per 60 minute session
    $350 for 5 60-minute sessions if purchased in advance

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