• Sections of Krav Maga

  • Krav Maga Is For Everyone

    Krav Maga is an Israeli self defense system that is specifically designed for real fighting on the streets. It uses natural reactions to create effective techniques. The main thing that separates Krav Maga from traditional martial arts, MMA, BJJ, and similar, is that there are NO RULES. The goal when using Krav Maga in real life is to do what ever is necessary to walk in peace. Sometimes that is simply crossing the road to avoid a group of people. Other times it could mean doing serious injury to the attacker. Maximum effect with minimum personal injury.  

    As well as teching effective strikes and defenses, Krav Maga also teaches disarms against weapons such as guns, knives, and bats. It is widely regarded as an extremely effective method of self defense, and is used by government and law enforcement agencies around the world.  

    In addition to using their bodies to fight, KMTX teaches practitioners of Krav Maga to use the environment as a weapon. This means learning to use any object nearby, from bottles to baseball bats. Try this: look around where you are RIGHT NOW. What is within easy reach that could be used to distract an attacker? How about something that could act as a shield against a stabbing attack? Anything that you could throw or hit with? 

    As time passes it has become evident that each sector and sub sector in the world's population encounters typical attacks in typical surroundings. These threats vary from country to country and are affected by your job, culture, mentality, and even climate. Consequently, it had been concluded to define four main Krav Maga sectors. These are Civilian (includes sub-sectors of Women's and Kid's), VIP Protection (also known as third party protection), Law Enforcement, and Military. The IKMF concentrates on developing and providing specially designated self defense solutions to match each of the sector's needs.  

    Because there are specific needs of certain organizations and environments, that do not fall completely into any of these four main categories, the IKMF has designed customized Krav Maga training programs. The different sections take elements from the four categories above to better suit the needs for the organization or environment.