• VIP Protection

  • VIP Protection Training

  • As crime and criminals get more and more sophisticated they go after business-men, political figures, movie stars, companies, executives, and other Very Important People. The criminals' objective can be to get ransom, change political balance, rob, make a name for themselves, get revenge, or other reasons that can result in the injury or death of the VIP. 

    Today, more than ever before, the professional VIP Protector is needed to ensure the safety of those under threat anywhere on the globe. The Israeli Defense Forces have the reputation & the experience of training special units, from Commando to SWAT, from Anti Terrorists to VIP Protection.

  • VIP Introduction

    Attack on VIP and political assassinations are affective and highly prestigious; death of an opponent practically ends the competition between enemies or rivals by the victory of the assassinators or by those who sent him. The attack of a political person means that the political way he supports come to an end. The death of the political leader means change and victory to his enemies. The cheapest and most affective protection is to take the VIP out of reach and hide them away, but as it is not realistic we need to compromise. As in many cases VIP wants maximum exposure and the VIP protection need minimum exposure. The purpose of this sector is to present training for the security personal and the VIP bodyguard. We will also cover aspects of securing any kind of facility as pub and the aspect of the teaching method. 

    KMTX currently has three instructors that are certified to teach seminars and workshops on VIP Krav Maga. We also have the option of bringing an IKMF Specialist from Israel to run a VIP course. 

    If you are interested in getting some VIP training, contact us.